Service Support

The service involves maintaining the existing service (“keep the lights on”). Based on the needs of your organization, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is concluded. You can access the portal of our Support department or create a link with your reporting system.


Service Continuous Improvement

Small changes, as a result of the use and experience of users, quickly lead to great customer satisfaction. That is why we offer the Service Continuous Improvement service. We deliver a certain capacity (one or more days a week) in which we make small changes.


Service Vendor Improvement

Technology is developing at breakneck speed. It is almost impossible for you to keep track of these changes and to test whether they add value to your organization. We are happy to support you in this and for this we organize guidance and advice at least twice a year based on new functionalities from the supplier (ServiceNow or 4me) and provide advice based on your services.


Service Organization Innovation

Organizational needs change along with the development of the organization’s strategy. Support from technology plays a major role in this. To support this, an architect joins the (enterprise) architect(s) of the customer organization to discuss new needs against the existing IT landscape. As a result, the most suitable application is chosen for the need, so that the maximum is obtained from your application landscape.

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