Our Services


Optimizing your service is the core of our activities. Our professionals look at the design of your organization, processes and technology from different perspectives and provide targeted advice on how to organize the services more effectively and efficiently. ServiceNow and 4me remain the basic ingredients for a successful process.


The implementation consists of changes in platform (ServiceNow and 4me), process and way of working. Implementing a change in your organization is a challenge. Your employees are used to working in a certain way and now something else is being asked of them. We help you realize change, our Business Consultants also take care of the implementation of the change. This means that we ensure that the new situation is really anchored in the organization in order to realize the intended value.


Organizations often think that once the change has been implemented, the work is done. However, optimizing your services is a continuous process. Needs change, the market changes and the platform suppliers constantly deliver new functionalities. That is why we advise and offer support after the initial implementation to continue improving the service.


The labor shortage in IT services remains as great as ever. Our customers, partners and our own staff benefit from the crystallized training programs in which the following components are standard:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. Matching candidates to customer demand
  3. Training from 1 – 4 months
  4. Coaching
  5. Fun

Our own Young SEQUAL groups are a fantastic example of professionals working for our clients.