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of the 24th of June

We will let you experience the correct coordination between the components in the service delivery chain during this webinar.

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Service delivery optimization with Q-Lean IT

In this webinar, SEQUAL Consultancy and partners will take you on a journey through the complex world of Service delivery optimization. The journey may seem heavy and long, but with the right map, your journey will be one to look back at with satisfaction. We regularly talk to customers who have lost direction on service delivery. Directing is only possible with the right information – available and accurate in a structured way, at the moment of need. Often the basis for this is present, but they don’t manage to navigate.

Webinar Q-Lean IT with real case

With Q-Lean IT, you will have the fastest route to success at your disposal. We will study this route using a real case. For a long time you may have been the co-rider, it’s time to get back on the driver’s seat. The translation to IT Service Delivery is easy to make. We will map the journey and study which parts of the trip are well done and which need improvement.

Coordination service delivery chain with Q-Lean IT

The entire service chain in the IT world is comprised of: infrastructure, applications, data integrity, contracts, suppliers, terms of delivery, certification of customers and people. We will let you experience the correct coordination between these components in the service delivery chain during this webinar.

Q-Lean IT, our partners

  • ThreadStone offers insight from outside in on your IT infrastructure and shows which wanted and unwanted open doors it has to the outside world. A hack test is part of the service.

  • Nexthink is unparalleled in mapping the use of the IT infrastructure in your company. This information shows you what software versions, applications, databases, hardware components are available in your company and links it directly to optimization advice and end-user satisfaction.

  • Gilde van Adviseurs is comprised of a number of apprentices and masters in the area of risk management, information security, privacy and auditing. The Gilde takes away any of your concerns in these area. Their advice is immediately applicable and provides insight in the efficiency and effectiveness of your supplier and contract management.

SEQUAL Consultancy coordinates and directs the integral collaboration among the partners above and your organization. Our specialists in the extensive area of Service Management help you managing by consolidating all data and responsibilities on one platform.

You are again able to direct your service chains, while optimization of delivery is linked to efficiency, improved quality of delivery, reduction of costs in a safe as structured way.

The webinar was on the 24th of June 2021.
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Q-Lean IT - SEQUAL Consultancy
Gilde van Adviseurs

With Q-Lean IT we know exactly what the components of our service delivery are. It supports us in better coordination.

Meet our speakers

Henry Meutstege

Henry Meutstege from het Gilde van Adviseurs, expert on the subject of risk-identification, certificating and audits.
Henry is an information security and privacy specialist with over 20 years of experience in IT. Based on a broad IT background, he is able to be the crucial link between business and IT for information security and to make improvements based on a sharp analysis.

René van Etten

René van Etten, founder of ThreadStone and general manager at ThreadStone.
René stands behind ThreadStone’s mission, which is to make the Dutch and European internet safer. For both large and smaller organizations, ThreadStone offers reliable, practical and affordable cybersecurity solutions that ThreadStone develops and delivers from Europe. René has a heart for helping companies, which is a result of many experiences as a company owner of different organisations.

Jaap Brinkman

Jaap Brinkman of SEQUAL Consultancy will discuss ServiceNow.
Jaap has been working for SEQUAL Consultancy as Business Unit Manager for more than a year, but has extensive experience within the IT consultancy industry. In addition, Jaap is certified within the ServiceNow sales tracks, so he takes valuable information with him to the webinar.

Roland Zuurveld

Roland Zuurveld of SEQUAL Consultancy will discuss ServiceNow.
Roland has been a Senior Consultant at SEQUAL Consultancy for almost 3 years, but has a long record of experience in the field of Service Delivery.
Roland has extensive knowledge of and experience in implementing IT processes and tooling such as ServiceNow.

Maurice van den Driessche

Maurice van den Driessche van Nexthink.
Maurice is a Senior Solution Consultant within Nexthink. He brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in IT disciplines such as: Service, Asset, and Portfolio Management that helps organisations align their IT and business needs.


Our methods, tools and platforms

More information

Service Integration And Management

During our conversations with partners and customers the lack of overview in services and service delivery is often part of our discussions. Customers are dissatisfied, the organisation lacks control. With SIAM we support organisations to optimise the service delivery and simply check the services by using real time management dashboards.

More information
More information

Enterprise Service Management

Customers, co-workers and others involved in your organisation expect the best service. At any given moment, whenever they wish. SEQUAL Consultancy helps with automating, simplifying and managing these services for your satisfied customers.

More information
More information

Customer Service Management

For excellent customer satisfaction we support your people, work processes by linking information in a way that you will deliver the best service. Efficiency and quality are key for success.

More information
More information

Agile Service Management

Agile Service Management is a smart version of IT Service Management (ITSM) and helps organisations to work swiftly and efficiently, with enough control and structure. We deliver professionals with knowledge and experience.

More information
More information


With 4me you will have a very pragmatic solution for Service Integration and Management within a couple of weeks. You will have complete control over your service delivery. SEQUAL Consultancy delivers the professionals who will implement.

More information
More information


ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) is making the world of work, work better for people. Our cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise. SEQUAL Consultancy is partner of ServiceNow and supports your implementation.

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SEQUAL Consultancy professionals

SEQUAL Consultancy professionals are experienced specialists who will partner up with our customers to guide them and work from a personal point of view.


We work closely together with our clients in order to add true value and help organisations to perform better. After all it’s all about the business. Best practices, pragmatic solutions and understanding our customers is the base for your success.


Our professionals are experienced specialists, independent from suppliers and systems. They have expertise that can be implemented as best practices. Based on our standard approach we will start promptly to learn about your disrupted services, business issues and go from there to advice you within days with a valuable solution.


Our strength is a personal approach, a feel for political relationships and therefore, organisation-sensitive. If there are ways to improve for your organisation, we will surely suggest. A healthy atmosphere at work is after all the most important condition for a good result, SEQUAL Consultants are your partners to reach this goal.

The challenges

SEQUAL Consultancy has fitting solutions for frequent Service Delivery challenge.

  • Implementation, control and managing of service chains

  • Total cost of ownership ICT service

  • Serviceable optimisation

5-step approach

Having a grip on service is crucial, with the SEQUAL consultancy 5 steps approach we give you back control. These 5 steps are:

Together we will map the added value of the different services to your company results. Who will depend on these services and how to deliver it as effective and efficient as possible?

Our competences

SEQUAL consultants are the key to success. By deploying the right people, we are capable to swiftly penetrate to the core. No books of advice, but a pragmatic solution for your current challenges. On a basis of trust and integrity we work together on fundamental solutions that add value to the organisation.

To govern your services you will need to be on top of transparent, high quality and efficient service chains with corresponding contracts against the right investment. SEQUAL Consultancy is your partner to get and stay in charge.

Our focus

Our focus is on the areas of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), Customer Service Management (CSM), Service Integration And Management (SIAM).

The focus is on platform optimisation with which 4me and ServiceNow are leading.

In addition SEQUAL Consultancy has experience with TopDesk, BMC, Microfocus amongst others.

With these disciplines come the following fields of knowledge: ITIL, BiSL, ASL, Cobit, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum/Agile, DevOps and more.

SEQUAL Consultancy: your key to excellent Service Delivery

Our full approach



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Support services

Continuous Service Improvement

Workshops and coaching

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