Chess is a game of masters

SEQUAL Consultancy helps you with the full overview of all chess boards at once.

Optimisation and innovation of service delivery never stops. Together with your Service Delivery partners you are able to innovate at high speed to serve your colleagues and customers with our best practices.

We will guide you to master this with our and support you with our 5 steps approach:

IT-Consultancy that really works and fits your organisation goals

SEQUAL Consultancy has fitting solutions for well-known CIO challenges: Implementation, control and management of service chains, total Cost of Ownership of your ICT services and service optimisation.

For this we have set up a 5 steps approach with which you will take control of your services: Assessment, Advice, Optimised projects, Support services, Continuous service improvement.

Together we will map the added value of the different services to your company results. Who will depend on these services and how to deliver it as effective and efficient as possible?

Adapt and improve: because your Service Delivery can always be better!

SEQUAL Consultancy assessment

The next steps have to be done, in order to get a good overview of the current situation and the situation to be:

  • Determine the bottlenecks in the service

  • Collection of data from available documents in relationships of the bottlenecks

  • Interviews stakeholders

  • Workshops

  • Presentation results

Data collection focusses on:

  • Personnel and organisation

  • Process

  • Tooling/ platform

Our competences

SEQUAL consultants are the key to success. By deploying the right people, we are capable to swiftly penetrate to the core. No books of advice, but a pragmatic solution for your current challenges. On a basis of trust and integrity we work together on fundamental solutions that add value to the organisation.

To govern your services you will need to be on top of transparent, high quality and efficient service chains with corresponding contracts against the right investment. SEQUAL Consultancy is your partner to get and stay in charge.

Our focus

Our focus is on the areas of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), Customer Service Management (CSM), Service Integration And Management (SIAM).

The focus is on platform optimisation with which 4me and ServiceNow are leading.

In addition SEQUAL Consultancy has experience with TopDesk, BMC, Microfocus amongst others.

With these disciplines come the following fields of knowledge: ITIL, BiSL, ASL, Cobit, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum/Agile, DevOps and more.

SEQUAL Consultancy advice and recommendations

Straight after the assessment and the presentation to the stakeholders our main deliverable is a document with recommendations on how to tackle the discussed Service Delivery issues.

These recommendations are based on the full lifecycle of the improvement roadmap. Key elements: organisational changes, project design, costs, transparency, relation to company goals, and the value of the discussed solutions in relation to the roadmap.

It is our job to advise about the platforms that will support you best and fit within the demands of optimized Service Delivery.

We discuss these recommendations with the stakeholders and if necessary external parties.

Optimisation and projects

In this phase the SEQUAL Consultancy professionals take you by the hand to convert the approved advice into projects. During this phase the stakeholders will be kept up to date with the progress.

During the phase of advisory, the projects and the approach have been discussed. SEQUAL Consultancy conducts the implementation of the process changes, organisational changes and platform optimisation.

Projects will be executed with project leaders from SEQUAL Consultancy and the customer. Our professionals are used to deliver quick results by using the AGILE / SCRUM method.

It was brilliant to see how they were involved during the project from A to Z. They have all the knowledge and the right competences. That’s very efficient and effective.

SEQUAL Consultancy professionals: experienced specialists that engage in a partnership with our customers and work with a personal approach

Support services

Our support services are delivered according to a cafeteria model. Per customer we deliver the right mix of support as listed below (amongst others):

  • Innovative sessions

  • Upgrade services

  • Technical support

  • Support services

  • Functional support

Continuous Service Improvement

SEQUAL Consultancy delivers the full results after the assessment. In the advisory phase we plan the first activities. Other recommendations will be on the roadmap.

SEQUAL Consultancy, as trusted advisor, guards the roadmap and the activities. Projects, needs, wishes and innovations will always be challenged against the existing roadmap. Together we determine the next steps for the optimisation of your service and possible additional services.

Workshops and coaching

Change Management (some prefer management of change) is an important part of our project approach, towards teams and individuals. Without commitment to the changes, subject of the projects, the outcome will not be successful. For any organization, the power of change is not the change itself, but the adoption of a new vision or working method. Value-driven change makes it possible for individuals, teams and organizations to commit to these changes.

“The complete portfolio of 4strengths is focused on coaching and change management. 4strengths uses positive psychology insights. The emphasis is on what the possibilities are. This is a valuable addition to our project approach within the SEQUAL Consultancy portfolio. Our expertise lies with Enterprise Service Management, CSM and SIAM. With this desired partnership, we now always have the right expertise in-house”.

  • Teambuilding / team development: workshops

    a. Optimal individual functioning
    b. Strengths of the team and its members
    c. Optimal communication (Feedback and Feed Forward)

  • Value-driven change management, workshops

    a. Formulate achievable goals
    b. Value-driven change
    c. Challenge your behaviour and strengths

  • Coaching

    a. Team-coaching: realize team goals
    b. Individuele coaching: realize individual goals

Our full approach



Optimised projects

Support services

Continuous Service Improvement

Workshops and coaching

Our customers


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