Workshops & Coaching

Change Management is an important part of our approach. Changes resulting from our projects need to be understood by the people affected by these changes.

For every organization, the power of change is not the change itself, but the adoption of a new vision or working method. Seeing and accepting changes and even propagating them is the core of a successful implementation process.

Value-driven change enables individuals, teams and organizations to take on a change based on greater involvement.

“The complete portfolio of 4strengths is focused on coaching and change management. 4strengths uses insights from positive psychology. The emphasis is on what the possibilities are. We see this as a valuable addition to the project approach of the SEQUAL Consultancy portfolio. Our expertise lies in Enterprise Service Management, CSM and SIAM. With this desired collaboration, we now always have the right expertise in-house.”

  • Team building and team development, workshops

    a. Optimal functioning
    b. Strengths of the team and its members
    c. Optimal communication (Feedback and Feed Forward)

  • Value-driven change management, workshops

    a. Formulating feasible change goals
    b. Value driven change
    c. Behavior and strengths in change.

  • Coaching

    a. Team coaching: realizing team and change goals
    b. Individual coaching: realizing individual goals.

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